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Rats in roof

The two most common rats are the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat.

  • The Norway Rat is also referred to as the sewer rat (it swims well), the brown rat, water rat, or your common bush rat. It can climb, burrow and is a general nuisance, very common around the canals on the Gold Coast. It too can be in your roof void above your ceiling.
  • The Roof Rat is also referred to as the black rat, rafter rat, or ship rat and it is a poor swimmer, but a great climber. It is smaller than the Norway rat, and has a longer more pointed nose.

When you have a rat in your roof it is very important that you don't just throw a load of rat bait up there. This usually makes the problem much worse for the following reasons:

  • Rats will be very noisy searching everywhere for the bait.
  • They will fight each other for the bait.
  • The big dominant rat will horde the bait rather than eat it.
  • Some rats will carry the bait off which can cause problems if the bait is dropped by the rat in a place where pets or children might find it.

There is a correct way to bait a roof void to ensure success. Simply call us and get an effective job with a warranty and peace of mind knowing it's safe and done well.