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Possums & Birds


(one of the few little blighters we don't kill)

(Prices from $199)

We rarely get calls for possums in the newer suburbs, because most homes are modern enough to prevent them getting into the roof. However, a member of our staff did have a family of possums visiting the roof of his home in Helensvale some years ago.

It sounded like there was a poltergeist in the ceiling, or at least a State of Origin football match!

Possums are mainly found in homes near bushland, especially in the hinterland and the bushland suburbs of Brisbane. The Brisbane City Botanical Gardens has a large tribe of possums raiding all the rubbish bins every night and making a great mess too.

Possums in your roof can be a nuisance keeping you awake at night. If you kindly leave them in your roof, then you will end up with urine stains on your ceiling. They are very messy.

Possums are a protected species in Australia (as is ALL native wildlife - regardless of whether they are pests or not), though they are bred for food in New Zealand and the possum meat is sold to the Japanese.

Possums have sharp claws and teeth, so they shouldn't be handled.


If you have a possum in your roof, then we recommend that you seal off the place where they enter. Do this when you are pretty sure they have left your roof.

We also have some safe possum traps available. Possums are inquisitive creatures and easy to trap. But you should always release them nearby, as they may die if they are removed too far from their local habitat.

Government information on possum removal can be found here. We also provide training in the correct use of a possum trap so as to cause the least amount of stress to the possum.


You can hire a trap for 2 weeks for $199 fully installed. We'll show you how to manage it and you can catch as many as you want in that time and release them safely into some nearby bushland or back outside if there is no bush nearby. Just ensure you have blocked off their entry points so that they can't re-enter your home.

Or if you prefer, we can do it for you at $165 per visit to remove possums each time one is caught in the trap and to reset the trap.

Another alternative is to install a one way door on the entry point... going out of course!


Sparrows and pigeons are the biggest pests when they get in your roof. Swallows making mud nests under your eaves are also a nuisance.

The main problem associated with birds is that they spread bird lice into your home causing skin irritation, rashes and itching.

Sparrows are a very persistent pest, landing on your gutters and nesting inside your roof void.

Pigeons tend to nest on ledges under cover, and make a terrible mess with their droppings over a period of time.


Please call us for a free quotation for bird-proofing, nest removal, and spraying for lice.