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Odour Solutions

Dead Rat Smells - Or Any Other Bad Odour


Odor Eating Gel

Odour Eating Gel

Odour Solutions

Rodent baits make rats & mice thirsty, and 9 out of 10 times rats will die outside as they search for water. Unfortunately sometimes they die in a wall cavity where they can't be reached.

They don't always smell, but often as not, they do and it isn't very pleasant.

If they can't be retrieved in a plastic bag and disposed of, then you will have to put up with the smell for up to two weeks.

BUT, there is a solution and we can provide it for you.

It is an odour-eating bag that absorbs bad odours (including dead things, pet smells, mildew, toilet odours) for up to 3 months

PLUS our Freshwave IAQ Natural Odour Eliminator which is a commercial Gel that also lasts for up to 3 months

You will usually need 1 odour-eating bad in the roof void above the smell and 2 x Freshwave for each room that has a smell.

The Freshwave has a faint Eucalyptus smell that is very pleasant.

Price of Odour-Eating Bags

The price is $55/bag plus delivery.

Price of Freshwave IAQ 80z (227g)

The price is $33/jar plus delivery.

Delivery is usually about $20 Australia Wide or about $25 for express delivery.

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