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Mice Control

ratoli[1] Many people will allow a little mouse around the house. After all they are so cute. But if your mouse has started a family and things are no longer quite so harmless, then you may want to give us a call.

Mice leave prolific amounts of droppings during their skirmishes around your home. Droppings that can foul your food and are likely to lead to sickness if not cleaned up every day and disinfected.

Most mice that enter homes are little field mice, and they do not make good pets. The mice you buy for your children in the pet shop are different.


Mice can easily be caught in traps, but you will need to be patient if you want to catch the whole family. Some traps are available that allow you to transport them away from your home and release them into the bush.

Most rat baits don't work well with mice, though a hungry mouse will feed on rat bait. We use a bait that is specially developed for mice, and it will successfully eliminate your problem. Well placed glue traps are also a good way to catch them.


We will treat your home for mice from just $249.

If you couple a rodent treatment with any other pest service the price comes down to $149.


We offer a 12 month warranty on both rats and mice. We guarantee not just to kill the ones you have at the moment, but also to kill the new ones that may come along later. If you have birds, chickens or an attractant outside of our control then the warranty is 3 months.

Rats and mice leave a scent trail (much as a dog does on trees) so others can find them for breeding. It is also done to mark their territory.

We leave enough bait to last you for at least 12 months. If it runs out we will return with no fuss and top it all up for free!