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Facts about Cockroaches



  • Cockroaches spread many diseases.
  • They carry a large range of bacteria, viruses, and worms that are dangerous to people and pets.
  • They are unsightly, and they often do major damage to electrical appliances.
  • Their droppings contaminate food, cause allergies, and are thought to trigger asthma attacks.
  • They can feed on a finger print left on a glass, or the spittle left on a phone.
  • They will eat nearly anything; soap, hair, skin, your precious wine labels, their own droppings, and each other.
  • They feed by vomiting up pre-digestive juices onto their food to soften it first, then they... well, do you really want to know? (Imagine a thick shake... yuk!).
  • When people get food poisoning from salmonella bacteria, it is often the dirty rotten cockroach that delivered the germs.

Facts or Myth? Can you tell?

  • If you see one cockroach there are always 100 more where it came from... myth. But it is true sometimes.
  • If you see cockroaches in your kitchen every day, or at night when you turn on the light, you have a real problem... fact.
  • Cockroaches clean themselves; therefore they are clean... myth.
  • If your neighbour gets their cockroaches sprayed, they will all run into your house... myth.
  • One cockroach egg case bought home inadvertently in your shopping, or in your handbag from work, can produce over 1 million cockroaches in just 1 year... fact.
  • Being very clean will stop you having cockroaches... myth.
  • Leaving food around and not cleaning will encourage cockroaches... fact.
  • Electronic cockroach control systems actually work... myth / big con-job!
  • Leaving pet food out overnight encourages cockroaches... fact.
  • All pest control treatments are the same... myth.

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