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The following prices are recommended retail only:

Please be aware that prices will vary from distributor to distributor.

Please Consider: If you are in a full service area, it is likely that full service will offer you better value for money in the long term. 

Please note that our distributors set different charges and should be contacted for a quote. Many other regular pest control companies can service your Green Termite Bait System too.

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Do It Yourself Price List

(All prices include GST.)
Number of Baits


(inc GST)

Pack of Baits

6 Baits, spares, accessories and instruction manual.


6 Packs of Baits
(Save $198)


36 Baits, spares, accessories and
1 instruction manual.


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Regular Pack of 6 Baits

Six Packs of Baits – Buy 5 get 1 Pack for FREE.

What’s in a typical Pack?

  • The specially shaped solid timber baits.
  • A pair of polycarbonate Ec2c Termite Windows per bait.
  • A special dark green UV resistant top per bait.
  • Some dark treatment windows to use when a bait is treated for activity.
  • A spare top to use for installation purposes.
  • Some spare Ec2c Termite Windows.
  • Screws including spares, to securely attach the tops.
  • A puffer treatment cap.
  • Reflective beans.
  • A comprehensive instruction guide that covers:
    • Installation
    • Monitoring
    • Treatment

How many will you need?

Green Termite Baits need to be placed about 2-3 metres apart where possible, as close to the house as possible but no closer than 200mm.  See our FAQ.  The average home requires about 20 – 30 baits.

Example: You estimate that you need 24 baits, then you should order 4 Packs for a total of $792.00 inc GST.

Note: The D.I.Y pack does not contain any termiticides.  Present labeling of termiticides require application by your local pest controller.  This should cost around $99 – $250 depending on your local pesties’ call out charges.

Installation is Simple! D.I.Y example illustrated below.

Step 1: Bang it in (wood on wood) or just dig a hole and back-fill the soil.

Step 2: Secure the top! That’s it! Nothing more to do. Anyone can do it in a few minutes.

Monitoring is even easier.

Simply check the bait once a month. Just glance in the Ec2c Windows any time you are passing by.

Clear Ec2c Termite Windows = No Termites.

Treating an active bait is super easy too!

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When you see mud in the Ec2c Termite Window – it’s active.

Only when it’s active, contact your local pestie and arrange a service. He will open the top, pop out the mudded up Ec2c Termite Windows and lightly apply a registered non-repellent termiticide.

A professional adding Termiticide Dust to a bait with it’s top off.

The top is then sealed with the dark windows provided in the D.I.Y kit. Easy!

Now just leave the bait alone for 1-2 months and let the termiticide and the termite workers do the rest. They’ll unwittingly carry the termiticide back to the nest where it will be spread around, eventually killing all the termites including the Queen.

D.I.Y customers can expect to pay a small service fee, however it’s truly money well spent.  Why?  Because there is a very good chance that the termite nest will be destroyed.  That is one less nest trying to find its way secretly into your home!  In fact, this one little Green Termite Bait may well have saved you from an expensive repair bill later on.

After a month or two, a new bait can be installed nearby to once again monitor the success of the first bait.  Our tests have shown that an approved termiticide applied via the Green Termite Bait System takes an average of 1 to 3 months to destroy a nest.

How much will it cost you to have your bait treated when it is active?

Our sister company, Green Pest Control services the following areas:
(Brisbane – Gold Coast – Sunshine Coast – Caboolture – Murwillumbah – Ipswich)

The price they charge for a professional termite technician to call out and service the active bait is $149.00.

They also charge an additional $39.00 per active bait to cover the actual cost of the termiticide.

You win.  Just $188.00 for a good chance to destroy a termite nest before it gets into your home.  Now that is a bargain!

If you had two active baits at the same time it would be $149.00 + $39.00 + $39.00.

Note: Experienced termite technicians in other areas will charge differently.

Which Termiticides can be used to destroy termite nests?

There are several products currently available in Australia that have the ability to be transfered by worker soldiers back to the nest. Once these products are in the nest, they have the potential to destroy the whole nest via a domino or transfer affect. They are:

  1. Termidor® (fipronil 100g/L) Applied as a dust or liquid to the termites in the soil via the bait.
  2. Intrigue® (triflumuron 800g/Kg) Applied as a dust to the termites and termite galleries in the bait and leading up to the bait..
  3. Arsenic trioxide, applied as above, but not recommended if other products are available.
  4. Premise® (imidacloprid 200g/L) Applied as a liquid or a foam to the termites in the soil via the bait.

Termidor® and Premise® can be applied by a licenced pest controller in two ways. Either directly to the termites in the soil under the Green Termite Bait via the bait, or applied to the soil around the bait via injection into the soil (known as flooding the soil).

What’s in a D.I.Y Pack?

You get your baits, spares, accessories and an easy to follow instruction manual which also contains additional notes for use by your pest control manager in case a local authorised distributor is not available.  The baits do not contain any poison or termiticide.  To repeat: They are not pre-loaded with poison.

Q.  Why can’t you apply the termiticide to the bait yourself?

A. Great question.  The current label for all suitable termiticides restricts their availability to licenced pest managers only.  Sorry, but that is the way it is.  It is a specialised product for which your professional pest manager has undergone special training.  Dealing with termites is often a very delicate procedure, so don’t waste an opportunity to kill the nest by attempting to treat the bait yourself, just to save a few dollars. Your local professional can also advise you on other termite matters while he is there.

He can also identify the termite species in your active Green Termite Bait and advise whether the termites are high risk or not.

There are some products available to the general public from hardware stores and garden shops that might also work in a Green Termite Bait™, but we must strongly point out that such use is PROHIBITED BY LAW.  The label on the product restricts them to other insects and they are not registered for termite control.

D.I.Y baits also include total on-line or phone support including inspection reminders if required.

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