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Quality flea treatments  from $325

Dogs, cats and people all hate fleas.  In some countries having fleas is a sign of very poor hygiene. In Australia fleas are a regular part of life, but they can be controlled, although now days fleas are becoming more and more resistant to pesticides and veterinary products that control fleas on pets.  There are three main types of fleas commonly found:

  • The dog flea (large in size and brown).
  • The cat flea (medium in size and black).
  • The ground flea or sand flea (small in size and black).

The flea has a 4 stage life cycle.

Egg >>>> Larvae >>>> Pupae >>>> Adult

Contrary to popular belief, fleas don't hatch from eggs and jump on you.  In fact it is the new adult emerging from the pupae that does.

The pupae is in a hard shell that is reasonably impervious to most sprays.  That is why there are occasionally a few fleas after a treatment has been carry out.  These are newly emerged fleas with exoskeletons that haven't hardened up yet. They are easy to squash, or else you can flick them back onto the treated surface where they will pick up a lethal dose and die.

Facts and Myths

  • If you don't have pets you won't have fleas.  Myth.  You can bring ground fleas in on your legs yourself.
  • Spreading lime on the ground will kill fleas.  Myth.  Don't ever try this, you just make it more difficult for professional chemicals to work as the lime is alkaline and interferes with the insecticide.
  • One female flea can lay hundreds of eggs.  Fact.
  • Fleas can lay dormant for months.  Fact.
  • Fleas can spread disease.  Fact.
  • Walking your dog in a park where other dogs go is a good way for your dog (or yourself) to pick up fleas.  Fact.
  • Rats and mice can bring fleas into your home.  Fact.


Fleas are not easy to eradicate.  We don't recommend that you try to do it yourself.  We know people who have spent a lot of money on flea bombs for no result.  Can you get a refund at the supermarket on your 10 empty flea bombs when the fleas come back?

Save your money.  Get satisfaction and peace of mind.  Call us first.  We'll do it right, once and for all, and with a written warranty.

Before we come to do fleas, you will need to take the following steps:


  • Vacuum thoroughly, and throw the vacuum bag in the rubbish when you are finished, or leave it out for us to spray for you.
  • Pick up all small items from the floor including children's toys, magazines, remote controls, pet food.
  • Ensure bedcovers are up and that we can spray under beds.
  • Do NOT move any major furniture.
  • If you plan to get the carpets cleaned, do it BEFORE we spray, as the carpets must be dry.  Don't use carpet cleaning companies who offer to do fleas at the same time as they clean the carpets.  Why?  Because the cleaning solution usually interferes with the flea chemical (if they actually use any.)
  • Do not leave pets in the house while the spray in drying, especially cats.  Cats walk on the wet spray then lick their paws and can become sick.

Note: It is safe for your family, babies and pets once the spray is dry.

Outside, external treatments

  • Book the job for late in the afternoon.  Why?  Because the sun can burn off the chemical during the day if it is sprayed in the morning.
  • Make sure the grass is cut as short as possible, and take the clippings which may contain fleas to the dump if possible.
  • Water the lawn thoroughly before we arrive.
  • Arrange to have your pets treated within 24 hours also.


You, your family and your pets will be advised to stay out of your house for 4 hours until the flea spray is dry.

Once it is dry it is safe for you and your family to return.

All the adult fleas will be dead and you will have peace again!


A basic treatment inside will cost about $325 and it is possible that you will need two treatments in the first month, an initial treatment PLUS a follow-up treatment.
(i.e. $325 x 2 = $650).

External treatments will depend on the size of your yard. We charge about $325 for an average size back or front yard, or $599 for a whole yard. Price is totally dependent on the amount of insecticide and larvicide we need to use. Once again it is possible that the yard will require two treatments.


Fleas come with a written 3 month warranty for both inside or outside, but only after the second follow-up treatment is completed. Often the treatments last much longer than the warranty period.  In fact, if the fleas are not reintroduced then the treatment is final.

There is no warranty if we only do the initial treatment. Then again, if you don't require the follow-up treatment then you have saved on costs.

The follow-up treatment must be done between 2 weeks and 4 weeks of the intial treatment to qualify for the 3 month warranty.

Special consideration: Outside flea jobs may have their warranty voided by very heavy rain, which is plainly outside our control - so check the weather forcast before booking it in! (Normal rain and light rain is ok.)

Important Note:

It should be noted that fleas have become highly resistant to insecticides that were very effective just a few years ago. Treating fleas successfully has become much more difficult than in the past and sadly this means it has become one of the more expensive problems to solve.

Beware of cheap flea jobs. If it fails and the cheapie company doesn't back-up their service or warranty, then you have plainly wasted your money and still have the same problem you started with.

Be smart, do it right the first time... call us!