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Pest Services

Common Services - All Pests

Main Services provided by Green Pest Control:

Currently available in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Tweed Coast & Sunshine Coasts only.

All prices include GST and all warranties are in writing on your receipt.

Apart from our very popular Green Termite Bait System we offer six main services listed below that cover the majority of our work. Please click the links below or in the header above for a more in-depth description of some of our other more specialist services.

Cockroaches & Silverfish

This is the most basic service. You will have your home thoroughly treated inside for $199. Every room, every nook and cranny will be treated with ultra safe, non-allergenic, environmentally friendly products. We give you a 12 month warranty.

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Cockroaches & Silverfish Inside including Spiders in & out.

Same as the above, but with extra spraying inside to cover spiders including redbacks; plus a very comprehensive exterior spray including eaves, gardens, patio furniture, children's swings and fences. The price is only $325. Spider treatments come with a 3 month warranty.

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Rats & Mice

Rats & mice commonly infest our homes. We use quality rodenticides applied with great care to be very safe from curious children and pets. No mess and no fuss. Our price is only $249. We give you a 12 month warranty.

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Everyone gets ants inside from time to time. These pesky critters can drive you mad. Generally our cockroach, silverfish and spider service will solve most ant problems for up to 3 months. So that may be all you need. If however you have ants infesting your walls we will need to give you a special quote. We also treat lawns for ants. The price depends on the size of your lawn.

Internal ant treatments come with a 3 month internal warranty and start at $249.

External ant treatments come with a 3 month external warranty (subject to weather - eg heavy storms will invalidate a warranty) and start at $315.

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Every home owner should be concerned about termites. This field of pest control and the many solutions on offer is so diverse that we advise the following: Buyer Beware! Do your homework before rushing in. Use websites like this one to learn a little bit about termites. One thing worse than termites is being ripped off when the termites are treated. We will call out and give you a no obligation FREE quote and HONEST advice.

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Termite Quotations & Pre-purchase Quotations

We do offer free half hour termite risk assessments and quotations. If you have termite concerns and are unsure what to do, just give us a call and we will happily come out to assist you with the best possible advice.

We also offer termite inspections for pre-treatment or post-treatment verification of termite activity.

We do termite reports for existing home owners, however, we do not offer pre-purchase termite reports.

Have you though about D.I.Y. Termite Inspection? Click here to learn more.

On a budget? Maybe we can tailor a treatment plan that is more affordable. Repayment plan options may be available in some circumstances.

We utilise a range of tools including electronic moisture detectors, listening devices and borescopes but most importantly, you'll benefit from the many years of termite knowledge and experience accumulated by each of our inspectors. Of course, all our technicians are all fully licenced including timber pests.

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