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Best Rat Bait

We'll start by saying what you shouldn't use. Warfarin - most commonly used in Ratsack™. Why? Simply because it has been around for so many years that most rodents, rats and mice are immune to it.

It would also be worth mentioning that rats are pretty smart and you may catch one in a rat trap, but the others will learn fast and avoid traps, meaning your wasting your time with traps.

Mice on the other hand are pretty stupid, and if you can collect one in a live trap, all his mates will jump in to see what the fuss is all about!

We use a range of quality rodenticides which can be viewed here.

Now before you race off to buy some rodenticide and D.I.Y., be aware that it is vital that the bait is positioned correctly or it will not work. As professionals we often call out to a home where plenty of good bait has been laid, but the problem persists. Once we set up the baits correctly (that's why you pay us!) you're rodent problem will be gone in a few days, 2 weeks at the most.

Even more important, is that we give you a 12 month warranty, whereas you will be hard pressed to get the same value for money doing it yourself, especially if you don't wipe them out first time.

If you are in our service area, please contact us to make an appointment and put an end to the irritation, damage and health risk of rodents in your home.