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How to kill rats

Rats are pretty darn smart and it isn't easy to kill them. You may succeed with one or two, but the remainder learn and become much harder to kill.

To do a rat job properly, you'll need to spend about $80 on some quality bait and then position it correctly, secure it so you don't kill yours or your neighbour's pets or children. Might sound a bit far fetched, but often a rat will decide to take some bait back to his/her nest. On the way across yours or the neighbours back yard, it might be attacked by an alert dog/cat and it will likely drop the bait, and make a run for it. Later a toddler might find it... or the dopey dog returns and gollops it down!

A licenced pest controller will always secure the bait out of harms way.

We will also position it correctly for maximum acceptance.

There will be more than one type of bait used, because rats, like us, have food preferences and one bait will be preferable to another. Rather than try to guess which one, we give it a choice of three very different professional quality baits.

D.I.Y. rodent control is not advised as there are too many risks, and the chances of failure are high.

Don't waste your money buying bait yourself, then calling us when it doesn't work. Just call us in the first place and let us do the work while you relax with the peace of mind of a job well done.