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About Intrigue®

About Intrigue®

Before Termidor® Dust came on the market, the dust we highly recommended and used was Intrigue®. Although it is still available (we stock it), fewer and fewer pest controllers are carrying it. Intrigue® is a growth inhibitor that disrupts moulting and egg forming processes in insects, particularly termites. Though highly effective against termites it will not harm other life forms and has low or negligible levels of toxicity to humans and companion animals.

How does Intrigue® Dust work?

Once the dust, dyed blue for identification purposes, is introduced into a Green Termite Bait or into active termite galleries, it sticks to the moist termite bodies, becomes ingested during preening, is passed to other termites by fluid transfer and further circulated by cannibalism in the colony.

Even very small amounts of Intrigue® will kill thousands of termites, prevent the queen laying viable eggs leading to her assassination and eventually cause the destruction of the colony.

One common termite species is Schedorhinotermes Intermedius, and this termite is much more susceptible to Intrigue® than it is to arsenic dust. (Note: Prior to Intrigue® we utilised arsenic trioxide with a success rate of about 50 - 80%.)

We believe that Intrigue® is a better choice than arsenic trioxide and that it is more likely to result in the destruction of the termite colony when the workers are detected in your baits.

The Green Termite Bait System ensures that termites are dusted with the minimum of disturbance, minimum loss of humidity, minimum exposure to light, and maximum effectiveness. Our 10 year trials with Intrigue® have proven that just 1-2 grams of Intrigue® will destroy most termite colonies in just 1-2 months.

The following information about Intrigue® is courtesy of Bayer Environmental Sciences.


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Please note that Intrigue dust is being phased out and few companies other than us have stock any more.

You can purchase Intrigue from our sister website here.